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A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.
-Doug Linder

My name is Andrew Zurcher. Welcome to my portfolio website. On it, I will tell you about my background and experience.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!

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I'm looking forward to joining your team!
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I am a cyber security specialist,
trained in:
penetration testing,
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network traffic analysis,
HTML, CSS Javascript Logos
as well as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Security Analysis


I am a cyber security specialist, focusing on cyber security analysis. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies and television with my wife, playing strategy video games, and cooking.

I am a graduate of The Tech Academy’s Cybersecurity Boot Camp. I have experience with with penetration testing using cyber attack techniques and Burp Suite, network traffic analysis using Wireshark, as well as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

I am willing and very eager to learn more, and am looking forward to becoming part of a cyber security team and improving my skills. Contact me below!


You can view my coding projects on my GitHub profile here:

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You can view my resume here:

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